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Will A. Avatar

Home Inspection Review He was always available, had great customer service and was very professional.

Will A. 11/20/2018
John J. Avatar

Josh was quick to respond to all my questions and even went into detail for me. I have owned several homes and his inspection was by far one of the best that I have seen. He even offered a free termite inspection, I definitely recommend him.

John J. 6/11/2019

home inspection Incredible thorough and detailed. After buying several houses in the past four years, I now realize what an inadequate job all of the inspectors did. If you plan to buy a house, this could save you a fortune.

jhon 1/31/2019

home inspection I am a home inspector, and bought this on a whim to see if I could learn something new. This is a great guide for both a homeowner looking to inspect their home, and for the professional. Some great tidbits and reminders here, and above all.

Ashley 2/01/2019
Jason F. Avatar

The best inspector I had ever seen. He took his time and took everything into consideration. He knew exactly what he was looking at and if something was wrong he knew if it was an actual issue or just a house being a house. He was considerate of the home owner and if in side he took his shoes off, if he moved something he would put it back just as it was found. Extremely professional and incredible at his job. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

Jason F. 6/23/2019
Natalie K. Avatar

When I scheduled my inspection with OpenWindow I thought I would just help what looked like a somewhat new business. When I clicked on the link that shows what inspectors are required and not required to do, I almost cancelled the appointment thinking it might not be worth the money. Boy, was I wrong! Joshua was punctual! I was about 3 minutes late and he was already at the house. He was incredibly thorough! He explained the issues in the house and the one he was not sure of he told me he had a mentor that would have the answer. I would recommend this business to anyone purchasing a home. (By the way....the house he inspected for me is 60 years old. He knows what he's talking about!) Thanks, Josh, for such good service. You make it easy to write a great review!

Natalie K. 6/27/2019