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practical advice This is a great for the new inspector as well as the more seasoned. It is full of practical advice. Spot on tips on where to find the most common issues, recognizing issues and just a bunch of practical advice

walker 1/31/2019
Jerry K. Avatar

Joshua was very timely and even reinspected for me.

Jerry K. 11/18/2018

i recommend this inspector Excellent service. Very professional. On time. Treated customer with respect. Inspection report created in details and in easy to understand language. I will certainly recommend this inspector.

kyle 2/01/2019

Spectacular Respectful and helps understand the reasoning behind and for a home inspection.

Jacob Horne 1/15/2019

Excellent inspection Excellent inspection. knowledge in every aspect of a home footings to finish saved me a ton of money pointing out problems with a totaly renovated home.

Stephen haword 2/01/2019

home inspection Incredible thorough and detailed. After buying several houses in the past four years, I now realize what an inadequate job all of the inspectors did. If you plan to buy a house, this could save you a fortune.

jhon 1/31/2019